Jenn Knott is an American TV & comedy writer based in Bavaria, Germany.

Jenn is currently a staff writer for the first original German scripted comedy series for Amazon Studios, Love Addicts, being produced by Warner Bros. International Television and slated for Fall 2022. Her short humor work has appeared in publications like The New Yorker, McSweeney’s, The American Bystander, Weekly Humorist, Slackjaw, The Belladonna, and Points in Case. In German, she’s contributed articles to the women’s health site Femeda and was a regular contributor to the parenting site Hallo:Eltern.

Jenn’s an alumnus of The Second City satirical writing program and is the founder and coordinator of the Kick-Ass Writer’s Group, a supportive group of short humor writers.

When she’s not creating writing, Jenn enjoys traveling to countries with lax safety standards, throwing impromptu dance parties, and vacuuming up mosquitoes who threaten to eat her children.